Is Nag Foundation a nonprofit?

The Nag Foundation is a registered Charitable Trust. The Nag Foundation has applied for a 80 G Income tax exemption.

Can I mail in my donation?

Yes, we gratefully accept donations via regular mail. Please mail your donation to:
3 Boat Club Road,
India 411002

If I make a donation, how will my money be used?

80 paisa of every rupee will be spent on Nag Foundation mission programs and services.

Is my contribution deductible?

Nag Foundation has applied for an 80G income tax exemption which is waited shortly.

What do donors receive for their gifts?

In addition to knowing that you are supporting our fight against cancer as a life- changing disease by advancing research, education, screening and treatment, you will receive our quarterly newsletter, which includes updates about the latest research on cancer prevention and treatment; survivor stories and updates on the various events, conferences organized by the Foundation.

How do I stop or change my recurring donation?

You remain in control of your giving. With a phone call or email message, you can change, suspend, or cancel your monthly giving.

What about mailing lists?

If you wish to be added to/removed from a mailing list or have a question about a mailing, please include your full mailing address in your email or correspondence. Without a mailing address, we will not be able to honor your request. Thank you.
Nag Foundation
3 Boat Club Rd
India 411 002