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We believe that each individual deserves access to the right healthcare. We understand the needs that come with cancer care, for the patient and their family. The main focus for a patient is to obtain the right diagnosis, guidance and treatment, along with a stable plan of action for rehabilitation. "Long term, sustainable cancer care can only be provided through planning"

Education is the most powerful tool which you can use to change the world- Nelson Mandela

Education is the first step to health awareness and we believe that by spreading true facts about cancer and cancer health, we can change the way people perceive the disease and in return increase the chances of early detection and prevention.


Nag Foundation is a non-governmental organization

Nag Foundation is a non-governmental organization that focuses on cancer care, research and education in India. The main purpose that drives us today, is to reach a point where we can provide accessible and affordable cancer care to patients, as well as spread awareness and educate the masses about different types of cancer, symptoms and treatments available.

The foundation began as a public charitable trust under the guidance of K. K. Nag in 1989. Initially, its primary directive was to promote art and culture in Pune, and it managed to play a major role in popularizing art in the city. It was the first stage for many of the best known artists of Pune this day.


“We are committed to promoting Cancer awareness, funding cancer treatment & research and rehabilitation. Most importantly, we believe in celebrating life.”