Patient Rehabilitation

Cancer Rehabilitation helps to cope with the different milestones one encounters during the treatment and even post treatment. It is an effort at the Foundation to help patients through this entire process.


Most questions especially with regards to chemotherapy is about nutrition. What can I eat? What should I avoid? My appetite is decreasing but, the doctor insists that I maintain a good diet? Why should I drink so many fluids?

Our dietician helps patients with meeting the nutritional deficiencies by creating special diet plans to meet the requirements of the patients especially during or after chemotherapy.

Sessions are organized to help patients get their answers.

Physical Rehabilitation

Our rehabilitation team helps patients with movement restriction due to surgery and radiation

The team also educates patients and caregivers on post operative exercises, prevention of lymphedema and its management using compression bandaging, manual drainage massage as well as the Lymph a press.

Psycho-Social Rehabilitation

The diagnosis of cancer brings a tumult of emotions from denial to anger, from helplessness to hope, from hopelessness to acceptance.

Counsellors and Survivor Volunteers help patients navigate the emotional and psychological turmoil that the disease brings.

Genetic Counselling

One of the biggest fear patients and caregivers have, is the risk their diagnosis have for their children.

The Genetic Counsellor helps patients and their families recognize their genetic risks and helps them make informed choices on genetic testing.